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X-Frames are designed to offer versatility in displaying both types of price signs, including spiral price booklets and magnetic numerals. It can also be used to display message sign as well. After 3 years of research and development we believe that X-Frames are the best of our innovation in pump top displays. With its enclosed style box display frame design and crossover capability between magnetic numeral style to spiral price booklet style and vise versa in seconds it will prove to be the best in customer satisfaction as well.

Variety of Signs
The X Frame can also display a message or an advertisement of your choice to the size of the frame. Its enclosed box design with clear window on both sides makes it very sleek for pump top advertisement or in store display of your full color graphics.

Unlike anything in the market of fuel price signs, our plastic spiral price booklets are totally self sufficient and extremely reliable and offers greater longevity. At GAP we have thought of almost everything while designing this product including consumer value, quality and reliability, ease of use, zero maintenance, self sufficient, slick appearance and even retro fitting. Yes! These booklets can be used for most existing pump topper frames that previously housed paper spiral price booklets, a feature providing ease of conversation to better product without spending a lot of money.

Our products and services have countless benefits, of which some features of this product.

  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Vinyl plastic booklet with lamination for weather / water proofing.
  • Guaranteed to change pricing from $0.01 to $9.99.
  • Never loose any price numerals.
  • Multi book binding on one backer insert offer ease of use in mpd signs
  • Can be retrofitted to frames currently housing paper spiral price booklets.

  • For those pumps who admirably display the fuel prices on top of it and for those who would love to own quality products at sensible prices, we once again have another option for our customers.

    Magnetic price display system is the easiest and convenient method in manual price changing system developed mainly to display pricing on the fuel dispenser and can be used for displaying product pricing for various item in convenience store industry.

    This system is very durable and sturdy. It is made of aluminum (except for the price panel) coated with weatherproof powder coating and flexible magnetic sheeting printed with high quality outdoor inks for exterior and interior use and is capable of changing prices from 0.01 to 9.99. With premium option including hinged Plexiglas cover this product offers theft deterrent to magnetic numerals and longer product life.

    Gasoline Advertising Products has developed this product in various styles and designs in 5 different series ranging from 1 product magnetic sign system to 5 product magnetic sign system to be sold in 3 options described in this catalog as Economy, Standard and Premium with its respective appearance and pricing. We can also produce custom price signs to suite your requirement. As an added convenience this product is fully assembled and ready to install right out of the box.

    Back bones of this product are quality, cost reduction and 100% customer satisfaction.

    Quality: 100% American craftsmanship. All aluminum framing, galvaneel steel, stainless steel hardware, DuPont powder coatings, 3m screen printing inks & very high bond double sided adhesive tapes.

    Cost Reduction: Prices are very competitive to help lower the cost of the product ownership. Replaceable sign panel, face & frame protects your investment for years.

    100% Customer Satisfaction: Our product is user friendly & inexpensive to maintain. We ship most of our orders the same day.

    Our customer service will help you decide the right product for your brand & state. All the material used in the product is made in America.


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