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Vista Narrow Graphics for Single Product Dispenser                                           Read OEM Statement >
- VISTA 3/V387, 3/V389, 3/V580, 3/V585, HS & Satellite Series -

1 Product Pump  |  2 Product Pump  |  3 Product Pump  |  4 Product Pump  |  5 Product Pump


OEM Statement                    Close

1. Gasoline Advertising Products Manufactures and distributes Brand New non-OEM graphics and decals. Manufacturer trademarks, service marks, logos, brand names and brand models are the property of their owners. Any representation of and references to brand names, models and OEM part numbers contained herein are for informational purpose only and are not intended to indicate or imply any endorsement by the manufacturer or brand owner.

2. Gasoline Advertising Products is not affiliated in any way or associated with any OEM. Graphics and decals for fuel dispensers are produced with best materials and equipment to our specifications using our method of production and are covered under our warranty.

3.Diagrams illustrated for all models of fuel dispensers listed herein and their model numbers are to the best of our knowledge and are related in reference to exterior graphics of the dispensers only and not for mechanical aspects of the fuel dispenser. Layout or appearance of your dispenser may be different, call us to see if we can assist to create graphics for your dispenser.

Sample Vista 387/388 1 Product Door Decal
(DG1-DD10-GENR or OEM Part Numbers):

 • Size: 28.91"W x 37.22"H 

POP Frames    See more details >

POP AD Panels    See more details >

Pump Topper Price signs    See more details >

Pump "Self" Black Decal
(PVD-5BK-SELF or OEM Part Number)

Pump "Full" Black Decal
(PVD-5BK-FULL or OEM Part Number)

Pump "Self" White Decal
(PVD-5WH-SELF or OEM Part Number)

Pump "Full" White Decal
(PVD-5WH-FULL or OEM Part Number)

Keypad Overlay Decals
(DG1-KPOL-GENR or OEM Part Numbers)

Front Valance Decal
(DG1-FVD1-GENR or OEM Part Numbers)
 • Size: 38.75"W x 9.5"H 

Side Valance Decal
(DG1-SVD1-GENR or OEM Part Numbers)
 • Size: 31.25"W x 9.5"H 

Fueling Instruction Decals  Click here >

Number decal   Click here >

EPA Highway Diesel Decals   Click here >

Vista 387/388 Single Dialface
(DG1-DF11-GENR or OEM Part Numbers)
 • Size: 12.16"W x 8.87"H 

Vista 387/388 Dual Dialface
(DG1-DF12-GENR or OEM Part Numbers)
 • Size: 12.16"W x 8.87"H 

Actuator Decals (SG5)    See more details >

Actuator Decals (SG11)    See more details >

Vista 387/388 1 Product AD Panel
(DG1-ADP1-GENR or OEM Part Numbers)
 • Size: 28.91"W x 2.77"H 

Nozzle Operations Decals   Click here >

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